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How can you make money?


There are 3 ways to earn money:

1) When you search on MDE, you will see "Google" ads displayed on the right hand side. If someone clicks on one of the ads, MDE earns a commission from Google.

When you earn a keyword and someone searches and clicks an ad, you earn the commission!

Google will pay you direct every month that you earn more than $100. When you buy a MDE keyword I will show you step by step how to setup a Google account to get paid.

2) When you search, occasionally you will see ads at the top of the listings in yellow (search on counter to see an example). When you own a keyword your ad will appear (if you want it to) at this position. If someone wants to advertise on MDE under your spot they will have to pay. You earn 50% of the profit!

3) You can promote your own website at the top of listings.Assuming your website sells something you will receive extra visitors increasing your sales potential.


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