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What is the Million Dollar Engine?


The Million Dollar is a search engine, that is giving individuals the opportuntity to share in the profit generated.

The development team's mission is to create a one-stop search engine that will allow you to search the web, images, video, news etc. but also search other websites such as eBay with just one click.

At launch, the search engine had web search and eBay search enabled and further developments will be rolled out pretty quickly.


Why will MDE be profitable?


There is one thing that makes a search engine profitable and that's users.

The Million Dollar (MDE) will be profitable because of a powerful marketing plan that we are implementing.

The first phase was the grand launch on Thursday 25th October 2007, where we sold 88 keywords in just 2 hours.

The second phase centers around a viral marketing campaign using a Facebook application

And the final phase is to generate media hype about what we have acheived.


Why do people use MDE?


There are 3 key reasons why people will search using MDE.

1) People like the unique features, such as thumbnail pictures of the sites listed, eBay search and highly relevant results.

2) We display a list of all the keywords that have been purchased. People search on these purely out of curiousity. So, by simply ordering a keyword today, you will guarantee extra hits to your website immediately.

3) With new web browser techology such as Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox 2.0, Million Dollar Engine is automatically added to the search box at the top of your browser. (If you are using IE 7 or Firefox 2, check the search box at the top of your browser now!).

This feature alone will guarantee that people will return to search in the future.


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